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Peer Driven Growth

Financial Benchmarks to grow the bottom line.

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Data-Driven Benchmarking

Compare your financial performance with your peers quarterly through dashboard solutions & Annually through a composite book for results.

The Group

Our Peer Groups are formed with individuals from all over the US. Group sizes range from 8-12 people from non-competitive businesses.


The Meetings

Meetings take place twice annually over a two day period with an optional event on the third day.



Professional facilitators are brought in to ensure your group gets the most out of the time spent together in the meetings.






Non-Attending Members

 The Mission

Peer Executive Groups is dedicated to delivering effective, efficient, respectful peer-driven service with integrity & accountability to achieve your goals & increase your business’s bottom line.

the Vision

Aligning business owners with like-minded peers that are striving towards similar strategic business goals.

What We Offer

  • 2 Destination Group Meetings Per Year
  • Composite Book
  • Business Valuation
  • Monthly Group Call
  • Owners Personal Financial Plan & Portal
  • Bi-Monthly Facilitator Coaching Calls
  • Comprehensive Event & Meeting Planning

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