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Our Peer Groups are formed with individuals from all over the US. Group sizes range from 8-12 people per group.

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Meetings take place twice annually over a two day period with an optional event on the third day.

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Professional facilitators are brought in to ensure your group gets the most out of the time spent together in the meetings.

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Peer Executive Groups opens the door to advice, support and accountability from other business owners like you. In a group with up to 10 business owners from your industry, there is the potential for over two hundred years of combined business experience and knowledge. With business owners from all walks of life and with different areas of expertise in your Peer Group, you’ll be able to take what you learn and achieve new levels of success in all areas of your business.

At the same time, you’re able help other owners with their businesses by sharing the tips, tricks, and key management date you’ve successfully implemented over the years. Each business also submits financials and other data so each company can benchmark their performance with the group’s performance. No matter where you are in your stage of life or with your business, there is a great Peer Group out there for you.

Peer Groups is the premier source for business analysis groups. Our comprehensive network of subject matter experts, facilitators, and industry vendors/suppliers makes us uniquely capable to create and deliver meetings for long-lasting groups of business owners. Because of our size, we negotiate the best possible rates and discounts to manage meeting expenses.


MAR 02
Best Practice Roundtable Virtual

Branch Managers

MAR 04
Best Practice Roundtable Virtual

Marketing Managers /Owners

MAR 09
Best Practice Roundtable Virtual

Fleet Managers

MAR 11
Best Practice Roundtable Virtual


29 - 30 | MAR

Spring Meeting 2021 - Hosted by Party Pro Rents - Facilitator: Ruth Bloom

29 - 31 | MAR
Construction BAG Canton, OH

Spring Meeting 2021 - Hosted by General Rent-All - Facilitator: Lance Bull

08 - 09 | APR
Rentalosys Duluth, MN

Spring Meeting 2021 - Hosted by London Road Rental Center - Facilitator: Ruth Bloom

12 - 13 | APR
RAT BAG Kalamazoo, MI

Spring Meeting 2021 - Hosted by Goggin Rental - Facilitator: Charlie Petersen

19 - 20 | APR
CRO BAG Baton Rouge, LA

Spring Meeting 2021 - Hosted by AAA Rental - Facilitator: Phil Moreira

19 - 20 | APR
Rentagades Fort Collins, CO

Spring Meeting 2021 - Hosted by Best Rental - Facilitator: Dan Crowley

22 - 23 | APR
The Agency Peer Group Denver, CO

Spring Meeting 2021 - Hosted by Trailstone Insurance Group - Facilitator: Dan Crowley

26 - 27 | APR
PAC BAG Seattle, WA

Spring Meeting 2021 - Hosted by Aurora Rents - Facilitator: Dan Crowley

29 - 30 | APR
Premier Group Virginia Beach, VA

Spring Meeting 2021 - Hosted by Atlantic Lift Systems - Facilitator: Dan Crowley

03 - 04 | MAY
TESLA Amarillo, TX

Spring Meeting 2021 - Hosted by Rabern Rental - Facilitator: Phil Moreira

03 - 04 | MAY
BRO BAG Amarillo, TX

Spring Meeting 2021 - Hosted by Rabern Rental - Facilitator: Lance Bull

28 - 29 | JUL
Event Group Sioux Falls, SD

Summer Meeting 2021 - Hosted by Ideal Wedding & Events - Facilitator: Ruth Bloom





2Day Meetings



Dan Crowley Founder & President

Dan has been serving businesses for over twenty-five years. He specializes in helping executives with their reward and retention programs, as well as aiding closely-held business owners with their risk management and transition planning.

Dan has been facilitating Peer Groups since 1994.

He has bought or sold over 20 privately held companies and has acted in the roles of CEO, COO, CFO, and VP of sales. He is certified by the American College as a Family Business Specialist and Business Succession Planner.


Zoe Zsido Peer Group Administrator

As Peer Group Administrator, Zoe manages hotels, contracts, reservations, event activities, lunch sponsors, travel, member surveys, and email/phone communications with members including on-boarding.

Zoe is a graduate of Northampton Community College with a degree in Hospitality Management, Meeting and Event Planning and has interned at the local Chamber of Commerce. She lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


Philip Moreira Director of Vendor Relations

With over 30 years of international experience with Vendors and Suppliers, Phil manages all of our Affiliate Agreements and establishes discounts and rebates on our member’s behalf. Phil is also a facilitator for Peer Executive Groups.


Ruth Bloom Customer Relationship Manager

Ruth manages all Program Newsletters, Press Releases, and Marketing Activity. Ruth has 10 years of Rental Industry experience and represents Peer Executive Groups at many Industry Events. Ruth is also a facilitator for Peer Executive Groups.


Ami Kassar Director of Financing

We are excited to offer Ami directly to our members as a regular contributor and counselor on all things Balance Sheet. Ami attends group meetings as well as one on one consultation with members.


Deb Cummins Director of Leadership Development

Deb is managing the curriculum to develop a “Leadership Mindset” for all of our Leaders Groups. She brings to the table over a decade and a half of Leadership Training and Development thru her organization Think Good Leadership, and provides our members with Virtual Coaching Circles.


Jessica Grider Bookkeeper

As Bookkeeper, Jessica manages all billing, expense reimbursement, collections, new member setup and sponsorship reconciliation.


The Mission

Peer Executive Groups is dedicated to delivering effective, efficient, respectful peer-driven service with integrity and accountability to achieve your goals and increase your business’s bottom line.

The Vision

Aligning business owners with like-minded peers that are striving towards similar strategic business goals.

What We Offer

  • 2 Destination Group Meetings Per Year
  • Composite Book
  • Business Valuation
  • Monthly Group Call
  • Owners Personal Financial Plan & Portal
  • Bi-Monthly Facilitator Coaching Calls
  • Comprehensive Event & Meeting Planning


Our Address

One Bethlehem Plaza, 1 W Broad St
11th Floor, Suite 30
Bethlehem, PA 18018

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Tel: 610-504-3094