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Whether it is a keynote presentation, a breakout session or perhaps a seat on a panel of experts for a Q&A session, our team of industry professionals can speak to almost any topic or issue facing today’s ever-changing environment.



The Power of Keeping Score:

How the Elite Rental Companies Compete (60 mins)

In this informative session you will get answers to the following questions:

  1. Why and How do I keep “score” as an owner?
  2. How do I get an “A” in Financial Performance Management?
  3. How do I get an “A” in Capex Spending and Asset Inventory Management?
  4. What are the 5 essential benchmarks I MUST capture on businesses in my Industry?
  5. What are the 4 critical resources available to me from the ARA and other sources?

Speaker will outline the power of ARA’s Cost of Doing Business Report, the responsibilities, and benefits of participating in ARA BAG group meetings and how to take your business to an “Elite” level of growth and performance through competitive analysis.

One Step Ahead:

The Power of Competitive Analysis and Leading Indicators (60 mins)
In this information session you will get an idea how to formulate an external information strategy using Sources such as GovSpend.com, Global Insights IHS (ARA tool), Web Data Analytics, Economic Outlook, and company SWOT Analysis in detail and regularly.

By adding this external analysis – any operator can confidently plan their Capex, Equipment, and Personnel needs. Speaker will present how this can become the critical addition to your business planning.

Business Succession Planning:

Moving your Legacy to the Next Generation (60 mins)
In this information session you will learn about the steps involved with transitioning your company operationally, financially, and legally to the next generation in your family or to key employees (who may feel like family). When should a business owner plan for transition? How long does it take? What are the unintended and intended tax and estate consequences involved?

Valuing Your Business:

The danger of getting it wrong, and how getting right can make you more money (60 mins)
In this information session you will learn how to value your company and how to increase that value over time. In addition, you will learn the tax and estate issues facing every owner as they transition. You will learn why several valuation techniques exist and which one is appropriate for your circumstances. In addition, every participant will be given a complimentary valuation based on basic financial submission.

Other Titles:

  • Recruiting, Rewarding, Retaining and Retiring Your Best Employees
  • Continuation Planning: Starting Early to Transition Internally
  • Exiting Planning: When to Start and What to Do
  • Legacy Planning: Please Break Glass – Prepare your Business for Immediate Transition
  • Starting a Local Board of Advisors for your Business
  • Converting your Rental Company from Fulfillment to Outside Sales Based
  • How to Sell a Business For What Its Really Worth
  • How to Implement a Phenomenal People Strategy
  • How do I know if my Financial Controls and Reporting are Any Good?
  • Managing Multi-Site Operations

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