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One 2 One
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About us: At One2On, our purpose is to educate and empower those we serve. We go beyond computers, networks, devices, and focus on people. Using our expertise in the IT field, we leverage the latest in business class solutions to create a comprehensive plan for our clients that provides stability, increases productivity, and promotes growth.

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GPS Vehicle Finder

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About us: GPS Vehicle Finder provides tracking devices that use GPS and cellular technology to keep tabs on your vehicles continuously. GPS Vehicle Finder sells to companies that have fleets of vehicles as well as individuals that want to protect their car. With more than 20 years of customer support experience, you can trust them to find the right GPS device for your needs. Tracking Vehicles GPS Vehicle Finder uses a precise vehicle locator system for anyone who can’t afford to lose vehicles or waste countless hours tracking them. Their clients include buy here pay here car lots, finance companies, car, truck and equipment rental companies, new car dealerships and trucking companies. Their trucking companies include those with vehicles used for delivery(local, regional and interstate trucking) and/or service companies (plumbing, cable, heating and air conditioning.) Based in Southern California.

Offer from GPS Vehicle Finder: $159 per device with 3 years of airtime included


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Rovi Tracker

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About us: We help companies take control of their remote assets and improve customer satisfaction with real-time data.
Each brand of assets operate differently and can be a daunting task to drive all over the place to service and collect critical data.
We know GPS alone is not enough, there’s more to a business than just locating stuff. We have an award-winning solution that collects additional data like engine runtime, battery voltage, solar charge, fuel level, temperature, integrated video surveillance, motion etc. We give you better visibility into your business operations to help you make decisions based on SAFETY, PROFITS and the ENVIRONMENT.
We work with rental companies, contractors and OEMs. You invest millions into your business and for less than .50 cents a day, you can save on fuel and increase safety with less vehicles on site.

Offer from RoviTracker: • For small tools: 5 BLE tags for free (normally $29.99 each) • 12 months free airtime for up to 3 BLE tags • 1 month free airtime for any telematics/GPS device purchased


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About us: Quipli was founded in 2020 to improve the digital experiences of renting construction equipment. We believe that with light-touch technology, we can help you provide delightful experiences for your customers and help you secure long-term, repeat customers that drive more revenue to your bottom line. At Quipli, we believe in the power of innovation. We are entrepreneurs at heart with a passion for helping small and medium-sized equipment rental companies run their business and compete with the big players in the industry.


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About us: TelematicsPlus is designed to help you view and manage mixed fleet telematics data – at no cost – from one portal, anywhere in the world, through our Sandhills Cloud. Setup is quick and easy and real-time asset

Offer from TelematicsPlus: Service available at no cost.

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About us: Gearflow.com’s mission is to continuously improve the convenience, selection, and management of parts and machinery. We were founded in 2017, born from our experience in the wholesale equipment rental industry. We noticed a pattern of unused parts in shops and underutilized equipment sitting on rental yards. These parts and machines were rarely marketed online for sale. So we decided to build a platform where equipment and parts Sellers can list their inventories for sale nationally, create a unique storefront, and control all aspects of the process. Our tagline is Your Equipment Assistant because delighting customers guides every decision we make. We see ourselves as doing the “heavy lifting” of building an e-commerce platform so you get the benefits of nationwide Seller competition, easy online transactions, and a dashboard to manage the entire process.

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MultiFunding works with hundreds of lenders across the country in order to find you the best loan for your business.

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360 Payments

Honest and pain-free credit card processing merchant.

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Value growth software that enables business owners to track and grow their business’s enterprise value.

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Rouse Analytics

Valuable pricing, utilization, and market share comparisons to grow your rental company, dealership or business.

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