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Meetings take place over a two-day period with an optional event held on the third day. In addition to comparisons on profit and sales performance figures, time will be taken to profile each attendees' business in detail along with issues that they face on a daily basis or with regard to their long-term plans. Industry and economic trends as well as benchmarks are reviewed. All areas of business are up for discussion, but common topics include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Planning
  • Organizational Structure
  • Performance Measurement
  • Operations Best Practices
  • Economic & Industry Concerns

The group meets no less than 2 times per year. One meeting typically takes place at a neutral resort, the other at a member’s home city. Visiting another member's operation can help you to generate new ideas and techniques to streamline your own operation. Where and when meetings are held are up for discussion and may change from time to time.



A key component to the success of the peer group is the compilation and review of the financial data of the entire group. Financials are submitted to the facilitator one month prior to the event.

They are entered into a streamlined chart of accounts format and kept confidential by all group members. Financials are combined into a composite book for your reference at the event. Your confidentiality is of the utmost concern so each company is referred to by a six character code.

You will also be interviewed one month prior to the event to determine critical issues that you are facing to be considered in the upcoming agenda.