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Facilitated Industry Peer Analysis Groups

Peer Executive Groups opens the door to advice, support and accountability from other business owners like you. In a group with up to 10 business owners from your industry, there is the potential for over two hundred years of combined business experience and knowledge. With business owners from all walks of life and with different areas of expertise in your Peer Group, you’ll be able to take what you learn and achieve new levels of success in all areas of your business.

At the same time, you’re able to help other owners with their businesses by sharing the tips, tricks, and key management data you’ve successfully implemented over the years. Each business submits data so each company can benchmark their performance with the group’s performance. No matter where you are in your stage of life or with your business, there is a great peer group out there for you.

Peer Executive Groups is the premier source for business analysis groups. Our comprehensive network of subject matter experts, facilitators, and industry vendors/suppliers makes us uniquely capable of creating and delivering meetings for long-lasting groups of business owners.

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