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Peer Groups are an essential ingredient to the overall success and growth of participating members. It’s more than great advice. A member of the group you will get support and peer-driven accountability for you to achieve your goals and increase your business and bottom line.

This is your opportunity to have at your disposal the input and expectation of a full “board of directors” made up of your industry professionals with vast experience and knowledge.

The bottom line is not the only focus; the group will address quality of life issues helping you derive maximum personal benefit as a business owner. Additionally, this is an opportunity to interact socially with true peers of your industry from across the country. Friendships developed in this group will transcend the meetings, making solutions to immediate problems a phone call away.



There are several stipulations for a member to be accepted into a pre-existing group.

  1. No competitive concerns. Each member represents an independent market area with no plans to overlap another member.
  2. Business size. Ideally a new member wouldn’t be the largest or the smallest to enter a group. This allows for reciprocation of experiences.
  3. Business stage. A new member’s current stage may impact offer of membership. Each member contributes to the group over time as they get a return on their own investment of membership, if they are a “start-up” or “close to exit” – it may limit their return.
  4. Confidentiality. It is critical for each prospect to consider the importance of confidence in the discussions that take place at the meetings.
  5. Commitment. Each member is expected to submit financials, attend meetings, discuss action planning, and contribute to best practice discussions.