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A professional facilitator is employed to ensure meetings are successful and that everyone is maximizing their time together to deliver the best individual results. Facilitators take care of all the details of a meeting, freeing the members to focus on their own business at hand.

Facilitator duties include:

  • Collecting and compiling financial data
  • Pre-interview members to determine agenda
  • Create and distribute meeting agenda
  • Prepare meeting rooms with needed resources
  • Take meeting notes, then compile and disseminate the meeting information to the members
  • Identify and procure guest speakers if so directed

Facilitators may also solicit vendors for partial sponsorship of the meetings, defraying meeting expenses (without salesmen at the meeting). However the greatest value a professional facilitator brings to the group is the ability to run a highly organized, interesting, effective meeting. They bring with them the experience and ideas that have been used successfully in their professional lives.



Each company is charged a low monthly fee. This subscription can be charged to your credit card or drawn from your bank.

Members share group meeting expenses such as meeting room, food and transportation. You are also responsible for your own meeting expenses. ( travel & accommodations)